I open my favourite book and it speaks to me:
He gave us, the children of Adam, power on this earth, and the means to live a full life, 
but how little thanks we show in return for his generosity. 

Our thanks is not something he requires for he is self-sufficient 
but oh how my soul needs to show it. 
 So I ask him to show me ways to show him gratitude. 
He responds toute suite, by reminding me of his blessings, 
 from the seemingly minute to that which is clearly profound, 
from that which seems good to that which seems bad, 
from all that I possess to all that he has kept from me, 
from that which he has given me with ease, to that which he has given me through pain and struggle. 
The full picture of his blessings is beyond my awareness, my knowledge, my comprehension, 
How immense! 

So which of his favours could I possibly deny? 
his loving embrace which comforts and protects? 
all that he has forgiven me for? 
all the peace he has surrounded me with? 

...the movement of curtains catches my eye 
I turn to the window and through it I see 
 the sun rising 

My eyes fill with tears as I ponder his infinite mercy, 
I call out to him: 
Oh Allah, I just want to be in the right place. 
This here is the righteous place. 
Don't let me leave this place, 
this place of remembrance, 
this place of gratitude, 
this place of humility, 
this place of intense love for you. 
I don’t want to come down from this high! 

…then through his mercy he in fact takes me down slowly 
for it is only through coming down from that intense place 
that I may rise again to face him with tears in my eyes 

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