Ashura Story...searching to find the one

A salaamu aleikum,

For the past month I have been wanting to tell the story of Ashura in my Sunday school class. Unfortunately I have not been able to find one that is based on the teachings of Sunni scholars and historians. By the time you read this, Ashura will probably have come and gone, too late to tell the kids the story in a timely manner. However, I'd still appreciate any references you can send.

Meanwhile, Beirut based company has produced a 3-D animated film that tells the story of the life and tragic death of our prophet's grandson Hussein. I found out about the film at the Al Jazeera site. Their article very briefly summarises the ashura story but I'm really eager to find an in depth account so please let me know if you've got something!

wa salaamu aleikum :-)

p.s. For those going the sunnah route (i.e. fasting 2 or 3 day combos within 9-11 Muharram), may Allah accept your fast and erase your sins.

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