What's on the Newstand?

A salaamu aleikum :-)

When was the last time you read a magazine written for Muslims? Even if you haven't read one recently, how many can you name? (I don't like to call them Muslim Magazines because only people can be Muslims).

Here's a list of magazines which I hope you will take a look at. Some, you may find at your local newstand. Some you may have to order through their websites, while others are online magazines. Instead of listing them in categories, I've listed them in alphabetical hoping you will end up perusing one that you might not have happened upon otherwise.

Inshallah you will find somthing interesting and share it with others. Inshallah you will find something inspirational.

Al Jumuah Magazine
Al-Ibaanah (The Clarification)
Al-Mu'min us-Sagheer (The Young Believer)
Al-Mu'minah (The Believing Woman)
America’s Muslim Family
Azizah Magazine
Emel Magazine
Hullabaloo Kids
Illume Magazine
Islam Magazine
Islamic Horizons
Islamic Ink Bulletin
Islamic Voice
Islamica Magazine
Islamica Magazine
Journal of Islamic Studies
Muslim Girl Magazine
Nida'ul Islam
Nisaa’ Magazine
Our Rising Star
Periodica Islamica
Southern California InFocus
The Message International
The Muslim Creed
The Muslim Link Newspapaper
The Muslim Observer
Writeous Writings

p.s. If you would like to add more periodicals to this list, please post a comment or email me so I can update the list.

p.s.s. I can't vouch for all the content in these publications. If you find something inappropriate, by all means, write a letter to the editor. Not enough people do that.

p.s.s.s. For those of you who really have "something" to say, i think you should consider writing for one of these publications?

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KadidiaTerri said...

How could I forget?!!!

The Halal Journal