When Our Prophet is a Brother’s Role Model

Tears fell from my eyes as I read a weblog post from a grieving wife, this morning।

I rushed to post a comment, only to find that she is no longer accepting them.

He didn’t die in a traffic accident, or succumb to cancer, but she is “mourning” his loss.

Surely Allah has helped her cope with this trial and in this post we find her reminiscing about him as a husband, as a father, as a friend.

I read her post and was reminded of our prophet (salallahu aleihi wa salaam) at some points.

Her post begins:

“His voice would wake me in the night, sometimes his low recitation, sometimes his deep sobs in duah.

The sound of the front door would wake me at fajr, as he would leave every morning to go to pray his fard in the Masjid.”

Her blog no longer shows archives but you can read the post here.

Learn more about how she lost him


inshallah you will, like me,

make dua that she find him again,

if not in this life, in the hereafter

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