So I Went to the Fair

This past weekend I attended the International Islamic Fair in Kuala Lumpur.

I’m not sure just how international the entire fair was because I could only afford to visit the exhibitions. The conference fee was over my budget. Maybe next year, inshallah.

In any case, the fair was worth the LRT and taxi fares for me because I did have the opportunity to find out about a few products:

• Kuih Kapit & a powdered ginger drink mix (which can also be used for baking)
Active Attire (swimsuits for Muslim men, women, kids and teens)
• Arabic Language Centre (It’s in the Sri Ukay,Ampang section of Kuala Lumpur but associated with the SIAL institute in Sana’a,Yemen)
One Islam Productions, spe
cifically their One4Kids product line (I bought the VCD pictured below)

What was really special about visiting the fair this weekend is that I got to meet three sisters I’d befriended online just a few months earlier. All three are Malaysian published authors. For me, they represent one of the things I really appreciate about Malaysia. Allow me to introduce you to them in my next post, inshallah tomorrow.

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