He said, She said

This excerpt of a blogpost by Sister On a Mission shows us the metaphor in our communal prayer.

“There is wisdom and a primer for society in the way the prayers are performed. Men in front, protecting, serving and leading their families and communities. Women bringing up the rear - disciplining, nurturing and teaching the children, making sure they don't fall out of line or out of love in the community, and protecting them from the back-door dangers of the world - like doubt and negative peer pressure - with unflinching love and care. And the young men and women in the middle - secure and protected from all sides while they learn and grow into mature adults who will take their complimentary places in the community when they come of age.”

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DrZhivago said...

Salam Sister ummahzy,
Nice to come across your blog.
I was reading on Azly Rehman's blog, where you had left a comment which pretty much resonated my own thought.
I clicked on, leading me to all three of your blogs.

Reading on, made me pretty much interested of things you passionately write on.

Your Bro in Islam,