GAZA update – no lies included

Who was killed in Gaza violence From December 27, 2008 – January 8, 2009?

While the media report Israeli violence as retaliatory, the fact is that
in every cycle of violence Palestinians are killed first and in far
greater numbers. In the uprising that began in fall of 2000, 140
Palestinians were killed before a single Israeli was killed in Israel; 82
Palestinian children were killed before a single Israeli child was killed.
Palestinian resistance groups only began launching their mostly
small, home-made rockets after many years of Israeli invasions. The
recent truce was broken by Israel on Nov. 4 with the killing of 6 Gazans,
at which time Palestinian rocket fire resumed.To date Palestinian rockets
have killed a total of 28 people. In 2008, Israelis killed over 850
Palestinians and Palestinians killed 35 Israelis.
Palestinians are indigenous to the land; Israel was created in
Palestine 60 years ago through the violent expulsion of over 750,000
Christians and Muslims in a colonial enterprise to create a Jewish state.

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