Be Careful What You Ask For (Part 2)

“Baby Emilio” was on a respirator for six months, suffering from a progressive illness which destroys brain functions. Though his doctors saw no hope of recovery, he smiled and turned his head when he heard voice. These were signs of life to his mother, a life she could not let go of.
Soon she found herself in a legal battle with the hospital. She fought to continue his medical care. Her opposition was the hospital that had diagnosed him to be “medically futile”. Their objective was to remove him from “the machines (that were) keeping him alive”.

This weekend, while still on life support, Emilio died in his mother’s arms.

The medical authorities did not take his life. His mother did not end his 19 month old life. Allah, in his divine measurement, carried out what only Allah has the power to do.

Those times when we realize just how powerless we are, we can feel frustrated, stomp our feet, punch a wall, break down in tears, but in the end we simply have to let go of all our false ideas of security and power. What do we really have control over in this life? More importantly, what do we have some control over in regards to the akhira? We have to stand “naked” before Allah and actually beg him to use us as his servants.

That sms was not “bad news”. It was simply news. That text message contained information from Allah that served to build up the muscles of my iman. Without such challenges, how could I ever expect to become stronger and more sincere in my faith?

Have I asked him to make me humble before him? Yes, I have. I believe that each time he humbles me I grow closer to him and that is all I truly want in the world. I wondered how he would answer this prayer. Under what circumstances would I find myself humbled before him. I was a bit scared, but still I prayed for that humility. So through that simple text message, he has simply answered my own prayers. That short message served to remind me of Allah’s omnipotence.

Thinking a bit further, I remind myself that I have also asked him to provide for my needs. So as for those four walls closing in on me I need only blink and they are gone. They become what I choose to see around me. They become four arms around me embracing me with loving mercy.

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